How it works

The Concurrent Planner schedules production in real-time – even for the whole business year – taking into account the various constraints concurrently and maintains consistency between sales plan and production plan at all time. The Concurrent Planner serves up increased visibility at the fingertips of sales teams to help them sell and forecast better. With Concurrent Planner, you can see information at exactly the right level of detail—by item, customer, region, and more—simply by drilling down.

The Concurrent Planner produces the highest possible throughput with the lowest possible inventory, while ensuring high quality and delivery performance. The Concurrent Planner reliably determines the availability of confirmed and new orders in real time and sets achievable delivery dates. It enables accurate, dynamic production scheduling to ensure on-time delivery at lowest cost of production. The Concurrent Planner confirms or reserves products based on priorities, for example, for customers, sales channels, or geographic regions. Based on changes in daily demand, the warehouse is optimally stocked, minimizing the overall inventory, and only stocking products as necessary. The Concurrent Planner avoids overproduction by using scheduling methods such as prioritized production groups and adaptive on-demand inventory for products, as well as planning methods that continually adjust production.

The Concurrent Planner is a lightweight, yet comprehensive solution connected to the company’s information systems. The Concurrent Planner provides users a modern web-based solution. The Concurrent Planner brings together demand and supply data from multiple sources. The Concurrent planner makes it easy to harmonize data through simple configuration instead of writing new code.